Tips for Picking Out Clothing for Family Holiday Pictures

Two years ago, when we had in studio portraits done for Christmas, I agonized over what we should wear.  I had several things going against me including a sensory kid who is very particular about clothing texture and a husband who thinks wearing olive drab means he has color on.  In the end I found something that I thought worked great, everyone was comfortable and we matched, but not too matchy matchy…jeans for everyone, red sweater for my daughter and I, white button down for hubby, and white button down with red sweater vest for my son.  Even with that, it was a little predictable and I somehow forgot about shoes and socks and ended up having to crop one picture of my daughter, sitting cross legged with her pink polka dot socks showing. Pear Tree Greetings has an excellent article on the subject – tips that would have made my life easier.  The tips in “How to Pick out Clothing for your Christmas Photos” work equally well for studio pictures or less formal shots.  It’s short and sweet and I especially like the idea of using pinterest to create a holiday clothing board!



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